Elinor Sahm

Elinor Sahm

Artist's Digital Portfolio

“My love story with masking tape, a simple yet interesting material, began as an attempt to mimic burial cloths in the first video I’ve ever made. The masking tape had the right texture, the ability to tear and stick to anything, so on my body it looked as if i’m tightly wrapped in cloth.

after experimenting with it in front of a camera and exploring it’s photogenic behavior, i progressed onto sculpting with it while developing a particular way of folding the material. The folding is very sisyphean and it takes a long amount of time to get the work done but this kind of work was no stranger to me, it reminded me of the hard work put in to making the traditional food of my Sephardic-Bucharian family.

Every individual masking tape fold or “flower” as I usually call it, performs as a cell or an atom, when they stick together they create a continuous mass made of fragments, something bigger then the individual, just like a family”.

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